​Martha Nordeman

 The teachers and assistants believe that        "Children are our most valuable resource."        Part of Churchville Pre-School's success is that the staff recognizes the importance of parental involvement in the education process. Together, parents and teachers make a great team!

Churchville Pre-School has been educating students for approximately thirty five years, The current staff (teachers and assistants) have been with the school for twenty years. They continue to strive to be the best!!!

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Vicki Francis

I cannot say enough of good things about Churchville Pre-School.  After changing mid-year from another school, my son stopped begging to stay home on school days.  It made  my heart swell to hear how included he felt thru-out the school year.  His teachers are loving, kind and perhaps more importantly, they teach the children how to be kind and loving as well.  We truly love Churchville Pre-School!

                                            Lara Bolte


Lisa Simon

Jo-Fran Garson

Southampton Pa. 18966

Joni Edel

1380 Bristol Road

As a parent, it is great knowing that my child is well cared for and in a safe environment, as well as building friendships while learning and exploring new things in creative ways.  It truly has been a amazing preschool experience.  Our son loves school and for that we say.... THANK YOU!

                                         Solange Wenger


A Child's

work is play!